Leaders in aerosol engineering

Faculty across the department have partnered with NASA on multiple projects to understand air quality.

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Focused on clean water

Faculty are collaborating on a novel membrane technology that purifies water while preventing biofouling.

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Research beyond this world


In the media

Professor Vijay Ramani's electrolysis system is making waves in the news as it pushes the bounds of space exploration.

CNN: Scientists say they have come up with a potential way to make oxygen on Mars


Our faculty push the boundaries

Meet the people solving our biggest problems.

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EECE by the numbers

Doctoral students
$11.1 million
Annual research awards (FY20)
Average H-index for faculty


We create difference-makers.

"My research is novel and difficult, and I’m the only one in the world doing it. I work on a very specific yet important area that has implications on global climate but is completely understudied. However, despite how focused my specific projects are, I’ve picked up a broad skill set that can be applied to many areas of science and engineering."

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