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Joint Master's of Science in Aerosol Science and Engineering

Master's of Science Degree in Aerosol Science and Engineering (MSASE) offered jointly though the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay (IITB) and Washington University in St. Louis

Application Deadline: Oct. 31 by 12:00 noon CDT

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  • Students will be notified of selection by mid December
  • Applications will open in early September for the following year admissions cycle

Program overview 

The program is open to BTech degree undergraduate students from any department at IIT Bombay who are in the first semester of Year 4.

The key objective of the joint master's degree is to conduct research in a project related to aerosol science and engineering that is jointly supervised by a faculty member at IIT Bombay and at WashU. Another key objective is to demonstrate an interest in continuing for a co-advised PhD degree following completion of the joint master's degree.

The program is highly selective. Qualified students will be admitted and will receive a joint master's degree from Washington University in St. Louis and from IIT Bombay. Selected students will receive full financial support for the master's degree after completion of the BTech degree. 

Program includes 30 credit hours of advanced-level aerosols engineering and air quality courses and research. Students may also apply for admission into an accelerated PhD program after completing the joint master's degree.

View the 2021 IITB Aerosols newsletter (pdf)

Program duration 

June through June (13 months)

  • In residence at WashU: June–December (7 months)
  • In residence at IIT Bombay: January–June (6 months)

Program requirements

  • 30 credit hours of classes and research (15 credit hours at each institution)
  • Written thesis and oral defense under the co-supervision of IITB and WashU faculty at the end of the program
  • Maintenance of satisfactory academic performance, including:
    1. maintaining an overall CPI/GPA of 6.0/3.0 in each semester
    2. reporting on research progress to academic advisers
    3. maintaining satisfactory monthly research progress

Financial support

Selected students will receive the following financial support:

  • Full tuition remission at Washington University
  • US$2,000 per month for seven months while at Washington University (June-December)
  • Normal IITB teaching assistantship for six months while at IIT Bombay (January-June)

Through the support under this scholarship program, students are expected to meet tuition fee requirements at IIT Bombay, as well as expenses related to travel to St. Louis, health insurance and boarding/lodging while at Washington University in St. Louis.

Application requirements

  1. Statement of purpose
  2. Transcript
  3. Resume or CV
  4. Letters of recommendation

Top candidates will be invited for an interview with the selection committee composed of faculty from IITB and Washington University. A written critique of two scientific articles on aerosol science and engineering will also be required of semifinalists.