The education of the 21st century engineering student requires a global perspective and practical experience. In 2007, the department launched a program to enhance and enrich the experience of undergraduate students, and provide a focused International Experience (E33 EECE 411) to study issues related to energy and the environment in a global context and develop teamwork and leadership skills. Each year, students are selected for this program that will be guided by faculty from the Department of Energy, Environmental & Chemical Engineering. The highlight of the class is a visit to a city where partner schools of the McDonnell Academy are located. Students then register for the class in the following semester and engage in project discussions, presentations and report writing. 

  • Visit to a city where partner schools of the McDonnell Academy are located
  • Students engage in project discussions, presentations and report writing
  • Pre-visit orientation meetings and lectures
  • Field trips to corporations, regulatory agencies and laboratories
  • Social and cultural programs
  • Analysis of experience, projects, discussions and presentations in subsequent semester


Information for the Singapore trip to visit National University of Singapore (NUS):

• The International Experience class is open to all undergraduate students (except graduating seniors) in good standing with a GPA of 3.0 or higher. Preference will be given to Juniors and Sophomores.

• The faculty coordinators for the 2023 visit and class are Mr. Ray Ehrhard and Professor Vijay Ramani.

• Applications are due November 30, 2022 and selections will be made by December 6, 2022.  PDF application forms are available here.

• Student cost for the trip is $4,000. Fees cover airfare, lodging, local transportation, university fees, scheduled tours, and some meals.

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Highlights Include:

• Pre-visit orientation meetings & seminars in Spring 2023

• Visit to NUS Singapore tentatively May 20 - June 6, 2023 (dates may change)

• Lectures and research project tours at NUS and other institutions

• Industry tours in bio-technology, petrochemical, and environmental engineering science

• Cultural tours of fascinating locations in and around Singapore


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