Students are encouraged to apply to the PhD Program in Energy, Environmental & Chemical Engineering, and all admitted students are financially supported with a stipend and full tuition waiver for the entire duration of the program provided they meet the academic milestones. 

In addition, the Department of Energy, Environmental & Chemical Engineering has a range of different Fellowships and Scholarships that it offers to qualified students based on merit. A listing is provided below. Please contact the Graduate Director for more information.

EECE Named PhD Fellowships

Due by date of PhD application: Dec. 15

First Year Fellowships

  • James M. McKelvey Chemical Engineering Graduate
  • ENVIRSAN Graduate
  • Charles A. and Marlene S. Buescher Graduate
  • Henry G. Schwartz, Jr. Graduate
  • Sverdrup Corporation Graduate
  • Cecil & Bertha Winingham Lue-Hing Environmental Engineering Graduate
  • Otis, Dorothy and Bryce Sproul Family Graduate
  • Forrest and Patricia McGrath Graduate
  • John L. & Julianne J. Stein Graduate
  • Charles A. and Marlene S. Buescher Graduate
  • Bruce Rittmann and Marylee MacDonald Fellowship
  • Cecil & Bertha Lue-Hing Environmental Engineering Graduate
  • Dr. Lilia Abron Environmental Engineering Graduate

Other fellowships

Chancellor's Fellowships Enhancing Diversity Chancellor's Graduate Fellowship Program
Five Year Fellowship

Nominated by faculty.
Dec. 15

Olin Fellowship for Women Olin Fellowship Program
Five Year Fellowship
Nominated by faculty
McDonnell International Scholars Academy Fellowship with travel to home country
Five Year Fellowship

Nominated by Faculty.
Essay by Feb. 1

Dean's Select Fellowship for WashU UG or
WashU Summer Interns
Dean Select Fellowship
One-time $5,000 award with EECE PhD Fellowship

Nominated by department.
Request by Oct. 15

Taiwanese Ministry of Education Ministry of Education for Taiwanese Students