About Us

Global Efforts

The Department of Energy, Environmental & Chemical Engineering takes pride in its global efforts. Our goal is to promote opportunities through education and research, which help broaden our students' perspectives in the global arena. As many of the problems we tackle are global challenge issues, we have developed a network of partners across the globe to work on collaboratively on research and educational projects. By our international network of research universities and corporate partners, EECE is helping developing a cohort of future leaders, promoting global awareness and social responsibility.

We are congruent with the various university initiatives such as the McDonnell International Scholars Academy which is a partnership of 35 leading universities across the globe. Two of our faculty, Young-Shin Jun and Daniel Giammar, are ambassadors to our university partners of the McDonnell Academy. We have several McDonnell Scholars pursuing their doctoral degrees in the Department of Energy, Environmental & Chemical Engineering. The McDonnell Academy Global Energy and Environmental Partnership (MAGEEP) focuses on addressing challenging issues related to energy and the environment. In addition to research programs that are bilateral (such as AAQIN), we have multi-lateral collaborations through networks such as the MAGEEP Aerosol Network.

The McKelvey School of Engineering also promotes several global initiatives and additional study abroad programs and other opportunities are available to our students.