Undergraduate Degree Programs

Chemical engineers are involved in the transfer of scientific discoveries to modern technologies and novel products that benefit society and minimize the impact on the environment.

No one needs to tell our students that global climate change, developing renewable energy sources, alleviating the shortage of clean water and providing for clean air in many areas of the world are all important challenges facing society.

Our programs attract students interested in developing renewable energy sources, alleviating the shortage of clean water, improving air quality, and understanding climate change.

Majors & Minors

Double Majoring in the EECE Department

The Applied Science/Chemical Engineering (BSAS-ChE) degree cannot be combined as a double major with either Environmental Engineering (BSEnvE) or Chemical Engineering (BSChE). Students may, in principle, double-major in both Environmental Engineering (BSEnvE) and Chemical Engineering (BSChE), but this is not recommended for logistical and course load reasons. Specifically, in the third and fourth years, the two majors will each have multiple required courses in the same semester, possibly at conflicting times. For example, both Capstone courses would be required.

For students wishing to combine chemical and environmental interests, it is recommended to major in chemical engineering (BSChE) and minor in Environmental Engineering Science.

Double Majors & Premedicine

Some students may be able to take more than 126-unit minimum during a four-year program, especially if they have Advanced Placement units. This permits the choice of additional free electives from such areas as biology, computer science, humanities, social sciences or other engineering courses. It also provides an opportunity to pursue a double major.

The department's undergraduate degrees have been popular with students interested in medicine because the curriculum automatically satisfies many of the premedical requirements.

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