​BS in Applied Science (Chemical Engineering)

​In addition to the accredited Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering, another choice is to pursue the course of study leading to the Bachelor of Science in Applied Science (Chemical Engineering)​. This degree serves students who wish to be exposed to key chemical engineering principles yet seek a more flexible curriculum. The Bachelor of Science in Applied Science (Chemical Engineering)​ requires 18 units of 300-level or higher chemical engineering core courses.​

The list of course options includes:

  • ​​​​​​​​​​​​Thermodynamics I (EECE 203)
  • Material Science (EECE 305) 
  • Analysis of Chemical Engineering Systems (EECE 201) ​ 
  • Mass Transfer Operations (EECE 304) 
  • Molecular Transport Processes and Chemical Kinetics (EECE 204) 
  • Transport I, II, III (EECE 301, 302, 303) 
  • Process Dynamics and Control (EECE 401) 
  • Reaction Engineering (EECE 403) 
  • Units Operations Laboratory (EECE 405) 
  • ​ChE Capstone (EECE ​402)