International Experience in Hong Kong, China 2011

The Hong Kong International Experience had a concentration on alternative energy sources and technology, especially solar sources.

The group of 24 students and 3 faculty members studied at Shenzhen Institute of Advanced Technology to learn about second generation solar cells, tour DuPont Apollo (Shenzhen) to observe solar voltaic manufacturing, and Daya Bay Nuclear Power Plant.

In Hong Kong, the students learned about solar energy, biofuel, electrochemical and materials technology for clean energy/wastewater treatment, polymer opto-electonics, and wind energy. Lectures included air pollution and health, sustainable energy policy of Hong Kong, performance-based building green energy code, green business practices in the financial industry, and Hong Kong as an international financial center. The students also assembled solar cells in class. They also toured China Light and Power, Hong Kong Shanghai Bank Corp. (HSBC), and China Light and Power.