Environmental Engineering

Environmental Engineering is a key research and education focus of the Department of Energy, Environmental and Chemical Engineering. A scientific approach is used to study and minimize the impact of anthropogenic processes on the environment. The focus of research is in: water quality, aerosols & air quality, environmental nanotechnology and molecular & synthetic biology. Faculty focus on cross-disciplinary research on innovative physical, chemical and biological processes in engineered systems that result in clean water and air; and in the environmentally benign production of materials and energy.

Research in the Water Quality areas focus on fate and transport of heavy metals and rad ionuclides in natural and engineered systems, aquatic chemistry, environmental implications of advanced materials such as nanomaterials, and biogeological cycling in complex environmental systems from nanoscale to macroscale.

Topical areas of research in Aerosols and Air Quality include the study of fine particle formation and growth dynamics, engineered systems for their measurement, capture and control, fate and transport in indoor environments and the atmosphere. Faculty study these processes over multiple spatio-temporal scales. Systems of study include combustion processes, innovative designs for particle control systems, novel instrumentation for measurements of aerosols and air pollutants. Research is conducted through the Center for Aerosol Science and Engineering (CASE).

The Environmental Nanotechnology area of research encompasses use of advanced, nanostructured materials for use in environmental technologies for sensing and remediation of air and water pollutants. The group also explores ways of synthesizing functional nanomaterials while ensuring that they have minimal or no adverse impacts on the environment.

Molecular and Synthetic Biology principles are used to study biological remediation of wastes and understanding the impact of biological processes on the environment.

Environmental Engineering Laboratories