Engineered Aquatic Processes

Engineered aquatic processes have applications in:

  • Water and wastewater treatment

  • Mitigation of environmental impacts of energy technologies

  • Sustainable use of water resources

  • Environmental remediation

Research in the cluster addresses important questions in water treatment and supply, the energy-water nexus, and environmental quality of natural systems.

Our research on drinking water treatment and supply investigates processes at solid-water interfaces relevant to the development of new materials for water treatment and sensing, engineering of new membranes for treatment processes, optimization of corrosion control strategies, and management of aquifer storage and recovery.

For the energy-water nexus we are a hub for geologic carbon sequestration research, especially that examining the coupling of geochemical and transport processes that occurs when carbon dioxide is injected into deep geologic formations as part of sequestration strategies.

For the quality of natural systems we are studying the environmental implications of the release of engineered nanoparticles into the environment as well as the design of environmental remediation strategies for legacy contaminants.