Synthetic Biology and Bioproduct Engineering

Synthetic biology is the design and construction of new biological parts, devices, and systems to build engineered biological systems that are capable of processing information, fabricating materials, producing biofuels and chemicals, providing food and enhancing human health.

This cluster combines synthetic biology approaches with novel tools of metabolic engineering and systems biology (e.g., modeling tools) in order to decipher and predict biological processes (i.e., basic research) and address a broad spectrum of global challenges such as improving human health, solving environmental problems, developing new functional materials, and producing renewable energy and chemicals (i.e., applied research).

In addition, our cluster conducts research in the area of bioproduct engineering, the sustainable manufacture of bioproducts (i.e., materials, chemicals and energy) from renewable resources (e.g., lignocellulosic biomass and carbon dioxide) by developing novel chemical, thermo-catalytic and biological conversion routes.