Seok Moon<img alt="Tae Seok Moon" src="/Profiles/PublishingImages/Moon_Tae-Seok.jpg?RenditionID=6" style="BORDER:0px solid;" />Assistant ProfessorTae Seok Moon - Energy, Environmental & Chemical Engineering - His research applications include energy, environment & health challenges<div>​​PhD, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2009</div><div>MS, Seoul National University, 2000</div><div>BS, Seoul National University, 1998</div><p>​Assistant Professor</p><h3>Expertise<br/></h3>Synthetic gene circuits in order to control and improve metabolic pathways for the production of biomass-based chemicals and drugs<h3>Research<br/></h3>Tae Seok Moon’s research goals are directed toward creating programmable cells that process multiple input signals and produce desirable outputs for real-world applications. Specifically, he aims to build synthetic gene circuits in order to control and improve metabolic pathways for the production of biomass-based chemicals and drugs.<div><br/>His postdoctoral research at MIT and University of California-San Francisco provided him with expertise in the design and construction of genetic circuits. As a graduate student at MIT, he learned how to construct and optimize novel metabolic pathways to produce biochemicals that can replace oil-based chemicals. Combining his research experiences with more than five years experience in the biotechnology industry, he envisions his career as transforming biology research from an “observation” approach to a “synthesis-based engineering” activity to address energy, environment and health issues.​</div><h3>Biography</h3><p>Professor Moon became a professor in the Department of Energy, Environmental & Chemical Engineering at Washington University in St. Louis in 2012.</p><p>Professor Moon completed his postdoctoral fellowship in the Voigt Group, in the Department of Biological Engineering & SynBio Center at Massachusetts Institute of Technology and jointly, in the Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry at University of California-San Francisco.</p><img alt="" src="/Profiles/ResearchImages/Moon_research.jpg?RenditionID=13" style="BORDER:0px solid;" /><p>​314-935-5026<br/><a href=""></a><br/>Brauer Hall, Room 3004</p><ul><li><a href="/news/Pages/A-probiotic-stress-fix.aspx">A probiotic stress fix</a><br/></li><li> <a href="/news/Pages/Moon-receives-National-Science-Foundation-CAREER-Award.aspx">Moon receives National Science Foundation CAREER Award</a> </li></ul>