Gleaves<img alt="John Gleaves" src="/Profiles/PublishingImages/Gleaves_John.jpg?RenditionID=6" style="BORDER:0px solid;" />Associate ProfessorJohn Gleaves - Energy, Environmental & Chemical Engineering - Co-inventor of the TAP reactor system<div>​​PhD, University of Illinois, 1975</div><div>MS, University of Illinois, 1972</div><div>BS, University of Louisville, 1968<br/></div><div><span><hr/></span><strong style="font-size: 0.9em; text-align: center;">Affiliations</strong><br/></div><div><div style="text-align: left;"><ul><li><span style="font-size: 0.9em;">  </span><a href="" style="font-size: 0.9em;">Consortium for Clean Coal Utilization</a><br/></li></ul></div></div><p>​Associate Professor</p><h3>Research</h3><p><span class="st">John Gleaves's research group is interested in the application of kinetic investigations to catalysts. They investigate both real and model catalyst systems using a battery of analytical techniques.​<br/></span></p><h3>​Biography</h3><p><span class="st">Professor Gleaves is the Director of the Heterogeneous Kinetics and Particle Chemistry Laboratory at Washington University in St. Louis, and has been involved in heterogeneous catalysis research for twenty-nine years including thirteen years of industrial research. <br/><br/>His areas of expertise include heterogeneous selective oxidation, and the development of novel transient response techniques to study gas-solid catalytic reactions. Professor Gleaves is a co-inventor of the TAP reactor system and developed the commercial TAP reactor system, the TAP high-pressure reactor system, and is the inventor of the TAP-2 reactor system. There are currently 18 TAP reactor systems, designed and/or built by Professor Gleaves operating in academic and industrial laboratories throughout the world.</span></p><img alt="" src="/Profiles/ResearchImages/shield_red.jpg?RenditionID=13" style="BORDER:0px solid;" /><p>314-935-4159<br/><a href=""></a><br/>Brauer Hall, Room 1007<br/></p><div class="ms-rtestate-read ms-rte-wpbox" contenteditable="false"><div class="ms-rtestate-notify ms-rtestate-read 1dc9cbb9-3a88-42fa-9d18-0528e1f05295" id="div_1dc9cbb9-3a88-42fa-9d18-0528e1f05295" unselectable="on"></div><div id="vid_1dc9cbb9-3a88-42fa-9d18-0528e1f05295" unselectable="on" style="display: none;"></div></div>