(Jason) He<img alt="" src="/Profiles/PublishingImages/Jason%20He%202020.jpg?RenditionID=6" style="BORDER:0px solid;" />ProfessorZhen (Jason) He - Energy, Environmental & Chemical Engineering - Using advanced technologies to recover valuable resources from wastewater<p>PhD, environmental engineering, Washington University in St. Louis, 2007<br/></p><p>MSc, environmental engineering, Technical University of Denmark, 2003<br/></p><p>BS, environmental engineering, Tongji University, China, 2000<br/></p><p> <a href=""> <img src="/Profiles/PublishingImages/trophy%20copy.png" alt=" iconixar" style="margin: 0px 0px -5px;"/>Highly cited</a><br/></p> <p> <a href=""> <img src="/newsletter/PublishingImages/twitter_icon.png" alt="twitter" style="margin: 0px 0px -5px;"/> @Zhen_Jason_He</a>​ <br/>  <a href=""><img src="/Profiles/PublishingImages/gscholar.png" alt="" style="margin: 0px 0px -5px;"/> Google Scholar</a><br/></p><p>​Professor<br/></p><h3>​Research<br/></h3><p>Jason He's research centers on environmental biotechnology, bioenergy production, biological wastewater treatment, resource recovery, bioelectrochemical systems, sustainable desalination technology, anaerobic digestion, forward osmosis and membrane bioreactors. He has received numerous awards for his scholarship, including being recognized as a highly cited researcher by Clarivate Analytics in 2018 and the Walter L. Huber Civil Engineering Research Prize in 2018. He is co-editor-in-chief for <em>Environment International</em>, co-editor-in-chief for <em>Journal of Hazardous Materials</em>, and editor-in-chief for <em>Water Environmental Research</em>. <br/></p><h3>Biography<br/></h3><p>He joins the McKelvey Engineering School from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (Virginia Tech), where he is a professor in the Charles E. Via, Jr., Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering. He joined Virginia Tech in 2013 as an associate professor and was named full professor in 2017. Previously, he was an assistant professor in the Department of Civil Engineering & Mechanics at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and a postdoctoral research associate at the University of Southern California. He joined the faculty Jan. 2, 2020. <br/></p><img alt="" src="/Profiles/ResearchImages/Jason%20He%20research.jpeg?RenditionID=13" style="BORDER:0px solid;" /><p> <span style="caret-color: #444444; color: #444444; text-align: center;">314-935-7124</span><br style="caret-color: #444444; color: #444444; text-align: center;"/><a href="" style="text-align: center;"></a><br/>Brauer Hall, Room 1026<br/></p>



McKelvey Engineering to host environmental engineering conference in 2021 Engineering to host environmental engineering conference in 2021
He named co-founding editor of Journal of Hazardous Materials Letters named co-founding editor of Journal of Hazardous Materials Letters