​Short Cour​ses & ​Workshops

An objective of the Department of Energy, Environmental & Chemical Engineering at WashU is to provide opportunities of advancing education through a selection of noncredit short courses and workshops. Practicing professionals and managers can avail of these opportunities and earn continuing education credits.

Through the McDonnell Academy Global Energy and Environmental Partnership, MAGEEP, some of the short courses are also offered at our global nodal partners. Exposure to global experts allow attendees to gain expertise in international issues and markets. Courses are taught by faculty and leading experts in the fields of energy and environment.

CASE Workshop NRF-Jens Lab Workshop

past programs

Center for Aerosol Science & Engineering (CASE) Workshop
May 2016

Nanomaterial Imaging Workshop
October 2015

Industrial Energy Management Workshop
October 2015

Business and Sustainability Short Course
June 2015

CASE Workshop
July 2015

McDonnell International Scholars Academy
5th International Symposium:
The Role of Research Univesities in Addressing Global Challenges
October 2014

Yonsie Univeristy/WashU Collaboration Workshop
January 2013

Energy, Environment &
Leadership Workshop
Fall 2012

Engineering Short Course: Energy & the Environment
January 2012