Unless otherwise noted, all seminars are held at 11 a.m. in Brauer Hall, Room 12.

August 25
Open House / Undergraduate Orientation
September 1

Graduate Student Orientation
• EECE Faculty Introductions

Department Welcome Luncheon (Noon)
• All EECE Undergraduate and Graduate Students, Staff and Faculty

September 8 EH&S Laboratory Safety Training
Lamont Jones, Health & Safety Professional
• All EECE PhD, MS students & faculty

September 15

Jost Wendt, Professor
Department of Chemical Engineering
University of Utah
Ash aerosol partitioning and ash deposition mechanisms during coal and biomass combustion
[Host: Dr. Biswas]
September 19
Whitaker Auditorium
• Opportunity to connect with local and national employers
- Information Session, 12:00pm, Whitaker 100
- Employer Meetings, 12:30pm, Brauer Atrium

Professional attire is recommended. Register here.
September 22 Tae Seok Moon, Assistant Professor
Department of Energy, Environmental & Chemical Engineering
Washington University in St. Louis
Systems and synthetic biology: constructing programmable cells
[Host: Dr. Biswas]
September 29 Renato Feres, Professor
Department of Mathematics
Washington University in St. Louis
Mathematical Problems of Diffusion-Reaction Systems
[Host: Dr. Yablonsky]
October 6 Jose-Luis Jimenez, Professor
Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry
University of Colorado
Constraining Organic Aerosol Sources and Properties from the Lab to the Global Atmosphere
[Host: Dr. Biswas]

October 13

Dacheng Ren, Professor
Department of Biomedical and Chemical Engineering
Syracuse University
Rational design of surface topography to control bacterial biofilm formation
[Host: Dr. Ramani]

October 14 - 17 Fall Break

October 20

Hector Garcia-Martin, Director
Quantitative Metabolic Modeling
Joint BioEnergy Institute
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Mathematical modeling of -omics data for biofuel production through synthetic biology
[Host: Dr. Tang]

October 27
ROOM 100

Rudy Husar, Retired Professor
Department of Energy, Environmental & Chemical Engineering
Washington University in St. Louis
History of Atmospheric Aerosol Science at WUStL, 1930 - 2000
[Host: Dr. Biswas]

November 3

Dr. C.Y. Wu, Professor
Environmental Engineering Sciences
University of Florida
A Super-Efficient Sampler for Viable Virus Aerosols using Water-based Condensation Particle Growth
[Host: Dr. Biswas]
November 10 Dr. Daniel Cziczo, Associate Professor
Earth, Atmospheric and Planetary Sciences Department
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Better Understanding Climate and Atmospheric Chemistry by Understanding the Formation of Mixed Phase Clouds
[Host: Dr. Chakrabarty]
November 17

Brent H. Shanks, Professor
Department of Chemical & Biological Engineering
Iowa State University
Bioprivileged Molecules: A strategy for Next Chemical Products
[Host: Dr. Foston]

November 27

Jian Wang, Scientist
Environmental and Climate Sciences Department
Brookhaven National Laboratory
Understanding aersols under natural conditions for better assessment of climate change
[Host: Dr. Chakrabarty]

December 1

Tiina Reponen, Professor
Department of Environmental Health
University of Cincinnati
Indoor Bioaerosols - from Sources to Exposure
[Host: Dr. Biswas]