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Unless otherwise noted, all seminars are held on Fridays at 11:00 a.m. in Brauer Hall, Room 12.

January 23

 Telma Franco, Professor
 Campinas University, Brazil
 Sustainable Aviation Biofuels for Brazil: Conversion Technologies for Different Feedstocks
 [Host: Dr. Biswas]

January 30  Mira Olson, Assistant Professor
 Drexel University
 Performance of Urban Bioinfiltration Facilities
 [Host: Dr. Giammar]
February 6

 Paul Westerhoff, Associate Professor
 Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
 Arizona State University
 How much wastewater are you drinking: Occurrence and Assessing Public Perceptions of De Facto Wastewater Reuse across the USA
 [Host: Dr. Fortner]

February 13

 Joel Burken, Professor
 Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
 Missouri University of Science & Technology
 What's the value of Mother Nature as a Witness and Engineer?
 [Host: Dr. Giammar]

February 20

 Mettheos Koffas, Associate Professor
 Biotech Center, RPI
 Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
 [Host: Dr. Tang]

February  27

 Petros Koutrakis, Professor
 Department of Environmental Health
 Harvard University
 [Host: Dr. Biswas]

March 6  To be announced.
March 13  Spring Break
March 20  Jiaxing Huang, Associate Professor
 Department of Materials Science and Engineering
 Northwestern University
 [Host: Dr. Biswas]
March 27  Jennifer Reed, Associate Professor
 Chemical & Biological Engineering
 University of Wisconsin, Madison
 Engineering Microbial Metabolism: A Systems Approach
 [Host: Dr. Tang]
April 3

 Chris Sorensen, Professor
 Department of Physics
 Kansas State University
 [Host: Dr. Biswas]

April 10

 Brian Ellis, Assistant Professor
 Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
 University of Michigan
 [Host: Dr. Giammar]

April 17 
Ryckman Lecure /


 Michael McGuire, PhD, PE, Owner
 Michael McGuire, Inc.
 The Chlorine Revolution: The Importance of Chlorination, 1908 (Typhoid Fever) to 2014 (Naegleria fowleri)
 [Host: Dr. Giammar]
April 24
Whitaker Hall Auditorium
 Michael Fogler, Assistant Professor
 Department of Physics
 University of California, San Diego
 [Host: Dr. Thimsen]
May 1
Whittaker 100, Auditorium
 Jack Colford, Professor
 School of Public Health
 University of California, Berkeley
 Approaches to impact evaluations of engineering interventions designed to improve health
 [Host: Dr. Biswas]



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