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Unless otherwise noted, all seminars are held on Fridays at 11:00 a.m. in Brauer Hall, Room 12.

January 23

 Telma Franco, Professor
 Campinas University, Brazil
 Sustainable Aviation Biofuels for Brazil: Conversion Technologies for Different Feedstocks
 [Host: Dr. Biswas]

January 30  Mira Olson, Assistant Professor
 Drexel University
 Performance of Urban Bioinfiltration Facilities
 [Host: Dr. Giammar]
February 6

 Paul Westerhoff, Associate Professor
 Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
 Arizona State University
 How much wastewater are you drinking: Occurrence and Assessing Public Perceptions of De Facto Wastewater Reuse across the USA
 [Host: Dr. Fortner]

February 13

 Joel Burken, Professor
 Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
 Missouri University of Science & Technology
 What's the value of Mother Nature as a Witness and Engineer?
 [Host: Dr. Giammar]

February 20

 Mettheos Koffas, Associate Professor
 Biotech Center, RPI
 Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
 Engineering Static and Dynamic Control of fluxes derived from malonyl-CoA in E.coli
 [Host: Dr. Tang]

THURSDAY / 5:00pm

February 26
Mindlin Lecture

 Gregory Wilson, Mindlin Lecturer
 National Center for Photovoltaics, Director
 Washington University Alumnus
 The Next 10 Years of Solar Energy Research
 Please RSVP
February  27

 Petros Koutrakis, Professor
 Department of Environmental Health
 Harvard University
 The impact of climate change on outdoor and indoor air quality
 [Host: Dr. Biswas] 

March 6  Suresh Tiwari, Professor
 Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology
 Assessment of carbonaceous aerosol over northern India and its impact on regional climate
 [Host: Dr. Chakrabarty]
March 13  Spring Break
March 20  Jiaxing Huang, Associate Professor
 Department of Materials Science and Engineering
 Northwestern University
 Pencils, Paper and Movie Discs: Curious Minds and Material Discoveries
 [Host: Dr. Biswas]
March 27  Jennifer Reed, Associate Professor
 Chemical & Biological Engineering
 University of Wisconsin, Madison
 Engineering Microbial Metabolism: A Systems Approach
 [Host: Dr. Tang]
April 3

 Chris Sorensen, Professor
 Department of Physics
 Kansas State University
 Dense, Hot Aerosols: Science and Applications
 [Host: Drs. Biswas & Chakrabarty]

April 10

 Brian Ellis, Assistant Professor
 Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
 University of Michigan
 Alteration of Caprock Fracture Geometries During Flow of CO2-acidified Brine
 [Host: Dr. Giammar]

April 17 
Ryckman Lecure /


 Michael McGuire, PhD, PE, Owner
 Michael McGuire, Inc.
 The Chlorine Revolution: The Importance of Chlorination, 1908 (Typhoid Fever) to 2014 (Naegleria fowleri)
 [Host: Dr. Giammar]
April 24
Whitaker Hall Auditorium
 Michael Fogler, Associate Professor
 Department of Physics
 University of California, San Diego
 Hopping transport in disordered nanowires, ribbons, and films
 [Host: Dr. Thimsen]
May 1
Whittaker 100, Auditorium
 Jack Colford, Professor
 School of Public Health
 University of California, Berkeley
 Approaches to impact evaluations of engineering interventions designed to improve health
 [Host: Dr. Biswas]



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