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Department of Energy, Environmental & Chemical Engineering focuses on research and education in environmental engineering science, energy systems and chemical engineering. Our mission is accomplished by: tradition of "life-long learning," fundamental education curriculum & interdisciplinary initiatives, participation in cutting-edge research with faculty & industrial partners, and access to state-of-the-art facilities & instrumentation.

The department has 192 undergraduate students, 30 master of engineering students, 100 PhD students, 17 full-time faculty and 2,453 alumni. More...

Upcoming Events


EECE Seminar: Breaking down plant cell walls: A few short stories in improving biofuels production processes

Gregg Beckham, PhD, National Bioenergy Center, NREL, will present.

11:00 AM


EECE Seminar: Mineralogical controls on shale properties and low-carbon energy uses

Ian Bourg, Assistant Professor, Princeton University, will present.

11:00 AM


EECE Seminar: Repurposing the translation apparatus for synthetic biology

Mike Jewett, Northwestern University, will present.

11:00 AM

Featured News

Doctor with diabetes speaks out about chemicals in plastics

Dr. Nathan Ravi, now 64, was living on the East Coast, working as a chemical engineer; he was a father, husband and in excellent physical condition as a hobby runner — 5Ks, hours of gym time and the like.


Fuzhong Zhang and his students publish innovative concept on survival of hardest working cells

Dr Fuzhong Zhang and his co-workers,  Yi Xiao, Christopher Bowen, Di Liu in the Department of Energy, Environmental and Chemical Engineering  published a paper titled “Exploiting nongenetic cell-to-cell variation for enhanced biosynthesis”   in Nature Chemical Biology, March 21, 2016.



Williams to study airborne gases, particles to determine sources of origin

When walking or driving in an urban area, you may catch smells of food cooking, but is the smell coming from food cooking at a restaurant or from a bus burning biodiesel fuel?


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